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Topographical Survey

From a back garden to a multi acre development, we specialise in the provision of high quality topographical surveys. Surveys can be tailored to the clients individual specification and we have the expertise and technology to ensure we deliver a service which can be relied on.

Measured Building Survey

Whether surveying a private residence for an extension or a large industrial unit for refurbishment, we have the experience to provide quality floor plans, elevations, cross sections and street scenes. We can also produce 3D models to offer enhanced visualisation or to assist in clients BIM projects.

Utility Survey

Using electromagnetic detection and other techniques we are able to locate and plot the position of sewers and other buried services. This is useful when excavation works are required or when designing in areas known to have buried services.

River Survey

We can survey river cross sections through to detailed 3D models of entire flood plains depending on the scale of the project. Our clients use this information for flood risk assessment, hydraulic modelling and to assess the impact of future developments.

Digital Modelling

Our dedicated surveying software enables us to produce highly detailed digital ground models. These are ideal for a number of purposes such as to assess the visual impact of future developments or any rights of light issues. We are also able to perform accurate volumetric calculations.

Monitoring Survey

Monitoring can involve the installation of control points and targets for periodic or continuous checking of movement for various reasons. Primarily for monitoring subsidence, landslip or land settlement, we can advise on the most appropriate course of action.

Topographical Survey Measured Building Survey Digital Modelling Utility Survey River Survey Monitoring Survey